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Proven recipes

We can provide you with proven recipes that streamline small IT business operations. This includes, but not limited to, workplaces configuration , securing remote servers, build server setup. Dual MIT/BSD-3 licensed recipes set

Custom IT infrastructure

Implementation of the continious integration processes basing on specific client needs

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I am always glad to reuse work done previously. If work is not covered by NDA, ready to use roles can be found on a GitHub. Check out role list

Configure language environments

Configure DB server for your project

Docker optimized roles

Docker related "universe"

Featured deployment roles & scenarios

Ansible Galaxy Roles

  • Installs apache and enables set of modules

  • Code editor by github, recipe includes base package install + set of plugins of your choice

  • Role to perform basic securing of fresh instance for further automated deploy

  • Ready to use Jenkins with set of optional bundled plugins. Backup/restore on a board

  • installs mailhog and webmin

  • Editor from Adobe. Sometimes used as an alternative to Atom.IO, sublime or light table

  • chrome-remote-desktop host- Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to securely access your computer over the Internet through the Chrome browser or a Chromebook